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Gagne, F., & Lydon, J. (2001). Mindset and relationship illusions: The moderating effects of domain specificity and relationship commitment. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 27, 1144-1155.



Two studies integrated and advanced mindset and relationship illusions research. In Study 1, mindset influenced perceived partner superiority and goal domain moderated this effect. When focusing on a nonrelationship goal, an implemental mindset increased idealistic partner perceptions. When focusing on a relationship goal, a deliberative mindset increased idealistic partner perceptions. In Study 2, effects for mindset about relationship goals were moderated by relationship commitment. High-commitment participants defended against the threat of a deliberative mindset by increasing their positive views of their partner. Low-commitment participants did not defend against deliberation about a relationship goal. No such differences were found for relationship implementals; both high- and low-commitment individuals increased their glowing partner views when in an implemental mindset.

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