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Gagne, F, Lydon, J., & Bartz, J. (2003). Effects of mindset on the predictive validity of relationship constructs. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 35, 292-304.



The authors investigated the effects of deliberative versus implemental mindsets on the predictive validity of relationship constructs. Dating students anticipating the transition from university to work deliberated about increasing their commitment or thought about how to maintain their relationships after graduation. As hypothesized, this mindset manipulation interacted with subsequent ratings of relationship closeness and perceived partner commitment to predict relationship status six months later. Ratings made by those in a deliberative mindset were more strongly associated with relationship survival than were similar ratings made by those in an implemental mindset. Deliberatives’ relationship appraisals were only positive if their relationships were on a successful trajectory whereas implementals’ relationship appraisals were positive whether their relationships were on course for success or dissolution.

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