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Stewart Biological Sciences Building Office: W7/3 1205 Dr. Penfield Ave.
H3A 1B1
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(514) 398-8410

Miscellaneous Information

I am interested in relational identity, and particularly how individuals define themselves in terms of their romantic relationship. My current program of research focuses on how one’s relational identity affects their positive relationship behaviours, such as how they deal with relationship conflict, as well as how they cope with relationship dissolution. Thus far, we have demonstrated that the more individuals identify with their relationship, the more likely it is they will exhibit relatively spontaneous positive relationship maintenance behaviours. Moreover, individuals who continue to identify with a relationship after its dissolution experience negative psychological and social effects. I hope to conduct further research exploring the processes that underlie relationship identification, and the possible negative consequences of “over-identification".
B.A. Honours - Psychology - University of Waterloo
Ph.D. Candidate - Psychology - McGill University

Selected Publications