Principal Investigator

John E. Lydon

Address: 2001 McGill College Avenue, Montreal, H3A1G1

Office: 1459

Lab: 1434




Graduate Students

Hasagani Tissera

My primary research interest lies in examining social perception in close relationships. More specifically, I am interested in investigating how accurate and biased meta-perceptions (i.e., beliefs about what others think of us) shape personal and relational well-being. For instance, is it beneficial to assume our partners understand us, even when they do not? When is it adaptive to be accurate in our metaperceptions? My research is aimed at understanding both short and long-term consequences of accurate and biased metaperceptions within close relationships.



Dita Kubin

My research interests lie in the overlapping area of self-hood and close relationships. I have two lines of research I am currently pursuing. In one, I am investigating what motivates individuals to seek out, maintain, or leave their romantic relationships, and how different bases of motivation may differentially influence relationship processes and well-being. In the other line of research, I am looking at the role of a clear, vs confused, sense of self during relationship formation and development.


Thomas Khullar

My research focuses on disentangling the process of social support in friendships.  I am specifically interested in predicting what constitutes effective support between two friends – in other words, the elements that must be present in a supportive interaction to reduce psychological distress. In an ongoing observational and longitudinal study, I aim to predict changes in psychological well-being over time, from (1) relational variables (e.g., friendship quality), and (2) explicit and nonverbal behaviors observed during a social support interaction between two friends.


Catalina Enestrom
My research focuses on non-shared experiences in close relationships. I am primarily interested in exploring how the significant experiences we take part in without a close other (or they take part in without us) influences our shared reality. Additionally, my research will examine how valence and the presence of attractive alternatives might further impact this link. I will also investigate these experiences in the context of life transitions.


Undergraduate Students

Joshua Iverson
I am a current honours psychology student, having recently completed a masters degree in classical music performance. Many areas of psychology research interest me, including interpersonal relationships, normative and societal influences on behaviour, gender and sexuality, and creativity. I am hoping to pursue graduate school in order to work in research, counselling, and policy development.


Marie- Nicole Discepola
I am a third-year student at McGill University, and I am currently completing a double major in Psychology and Art History. My research interests lie in the domain of social psychology, specifically in the maintenance and dissolution of interpersonal relationships when faced with challenges, such as the presence of an attractive alternative. I hope to explore this topic further in graduate school.


Marlee Brownstein
I am a U3 student completing an Honours Psychology degree, with a minor in Sociology. I am interested in how social-emotional development and skills (e.g. empathy, social competence, emotion regulation) relate to psychological well-being. Additionally, I am interested in research related to the treatment of psychopathology, specifically, internalizing disorders. Post-graduation, I would like to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology.


Letong Li
I am a U2 Honours Psychology student interested in the investigation of human relationships, and more specifically, how they interact with the sense of self as well as past life experiences. This year I will be working on a project that looks at the role of clear vs confused self-concept when making judgements of interpersonal attraction. For plans after graduation, I aspire to continue my academic path into the field of counselling psychology.




Yongyao (Carol) Li
I am in my last year of undergraduate studies in the honours program in Psychology and a minor concentration in Linguistics. My broad research interests focus on the cognitive and perceptual processes involved in interpersonal relationships, particularly close relationships like couple, family, and friendships. My first honors thesis project examined the effect of attractiveness in biasing social attention towards faces. The experience has furthered my interest in identifying and examining factors involved in the development and maintenance of social bonding and how those factors affect well-being in general. My senior thesis project in the Lydon lab will be investigating how non-shared experiences between couples would change the relationship and how one’s well-being is affected by those non-shared experiences. Outside of the lab, I practice yoga and I’m an ardent fan of cooking.


Lab Coordinator

Sabrah Khanyari

I am a fourth year student in the Honors Psychology program with a minor in Anthropology, at McGill University. I have prior experience conducting research in health psychology, specifically with emotional eating. This year, besides being the Lab Coordinator at Lydon Lab, I am also working on my senior honors thesis at another lab at McGill. In the future, I aim to pursue a career in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


Research Assistants

Emery Wehrli

I am currently a U3 student in the Arts faculty entering into my last year of a Psychology and French Literature degree. I’m most interested in pursuing research to do with social psychology or different forms of psychopathology (especially eating disorders). In the future, I hope to obtain a PhD in clinical or counselling psychology so that I can work directly with patients. I have been working at the Lydon lab for the last two years, first as a volunteer and now as an RA. I have loved my experience here, and I look forward to further expanding my knowledge over the coming year!


Adriana Gentile

I am a U2 student at McGill University with a major in Psychology, and double minor in the Social Studies of Medicine, and Behavioural Science. I am passionate about mental health, child psychopathology, and aspire to offer my knowledge and services back to the community. For the future, I plan to pursue Ph.D studies in clinical or counselling psychology, with hopes of working as a child psychologist, or psychotherapist for children suffering from mental health problems. Being a research assistant at the Lydon Lab has been such a valuable experience, and I look forward to furthering my commitment to the Lydon Team!


Lab Assistant

Ariane Desmarais
I am a U1 student with a major in Psychology and a double minor in Behavioural Science and Gender, Sexuality, Feminism, and Social Justice Studies. I am most interested in how children’s relationships influence their development. I also hold a special interest for psychopathology, specifically eating disorders and anxiety disorders. I hope to enter the U2 Honours Psychology program and later on obtain a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.


IT Assistant

Ramsha Ijaz and Omar Ibrahim